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You are here: Home \ Latest Updates \ See all the luxury estates, homes, condominiums, townhouses or investment properties in the West Los Angeles areas of Los Angeles, California 90025. Take a look at all of the estates, homes and condos for sale and listings from the MLS, Multiple Listing Service.

West Los Angeles

Are looking to buy a luxury estate, home, condominium, townhouse or investment property in the West Los Angeles, Sawtelle?areas of Los Angeles, California 90025? Let us help you find everything you need to know about buying or selling a home! As one of the preeminent, professional real estate teams in my community for over 21 years, we are dedicated to providing the finest service available while breaking new ground. Because the real estate industry is becoming more sophisticated and challenging every day, you need a professional that understands the industry and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. We go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. That?s why we constantly research the market and property values so your home is priced effectively from day one. We also make sure the public knows your home is for sale by using innovative advertising and marketing techniques to attract potential buyers. The Christophe Choo Real Estate Group at Coldwell?Banker Previews International is the most comprehensive online source for luxury real estate listings, from estate homes to luxury condominiums, incredible tear down opportunities and investment properties. Based in beautiful Beverly Hills, California 90210, the Christophe Choo Real Estate Group provides exclusive luxury homes for sale on a local, global and international stage. Hence the tagline: ?Locally Known ? Globally Connected?. Search for luxury properties in your area, whether in the ?Platinum Triangle? areas of the Westside of Los Angeles of Beverly Hills, Holmby?Hills and Bel Air or in The Sunset Strip, Hollywood Hills, Brentwood, Westwood, the Wilshire Corridor, Century City, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Cheviot Hills, Hancock Park, Los Feliz?and the key Westside areas of Los Angeles, the Christophe Choo Real Estate Group can help. Call or email me today! Christophe Choo The Christophe Choo Real Estate Group Coldwell?Banker Previews International Beverly Hills 310-777-6342 Or send me an email:

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(all data current as of 4/9/2012)

  1. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 6,542 sq ft

    Lot size: 7,013 sqft

  2. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 4,860 sq ft

    Lot size: 8,607 sqft

  3. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 5,890 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,011 sqft

  4. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 6,238 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,490 sqft

  5. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 5,250 sq ft

    Lot size: 5,619 sqft

  6. 3 beds, 3.5 baths

    Home size: 2,557 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,194 sqft

  7. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 1,716 sq ft

    Lot size: 8,335 sqft

  8. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 2,702 sq ft

    Lot size: 5,487 sqft

  9. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 3,672 sq ft

    Lot size: 4,181 sqft

  10. 4 beds, 3 full baths

    Home size: 2,630 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,254 sqft

  11. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 3,960 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,600 sqft

  12. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 3,704 sq ft

    Lot size: 8,276 sqft

  13. 3 beds, 3.0 baths

    Home size: 2,435 sq ft

    Lot size: 8,525 sqft

  14. 3 beds, 2.5 baths

    Home size: 2,600 sq ft

  15. 4 beds, 4 full, 2 part baths

    Home size: 2,625 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,442 sqft

  16. 3 beds, 4.0 baths

    Home size: 3,222 sq ft

    Lot size: 26,560 sqft

  17. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 3,427 sq ft

    Lot size: 7,013 sqft

  18. 3 beds, 2.0 baths

    Home size: 1,500 sq ft

    Lot size: 7,800 sqft

  19. 2 beds, 3 full baths

    Home size: 2,177 sq ft

    Lot size: 36,887 sqft

  20. 3 beds, 3 full, 1 part baths

    Home size: 1,972 sq ft

  21. 3 beds, 3 full, 1 part baths

    Home size: 1,972 sq ft

  22. 3 beds, 2 full baths

    Home size: 1,803 sq ft

    Lot size: 5,804 sqft

  23. 3 beds, 1 full, 1 part baths

    Home size: 1,703 sq ft

    Lot size: 5,960 sqft

  24. 2 beds, 3.0 baths

    Home size: 1,941 sq ft

  25. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 1,621 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,229 sqft

  26. 2 beds, 1.0 baths

    Home size: 983 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,512 sqft

  27. 3 beds, 2.0 baths

    Home size: 1,416 sq ft

    Lot size: 5,445 sqft

  28. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 1,522 sq ft

    Lot size: 7,754 sqft

  29. 3 beds, 3.0 baths

    Home size: 1,341 sq ft

  30. 3 beds, 1.25 baths

    Home size: 1,294 sq ft

    Lot size: 7,749 sqft

  31. 3 beds, 2.5 baths

    Home size: 1,776 sq ft

  32. 2 beds, 2 full, 1 part baths

    Home size: 1,557 sq ft

  33. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 1,808 sq ft

    Lot size: 5,052 sqft

  34. 2 beds, 1.0 baths

    Home size: 850 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,077 sqft

  35. 2 beds, 1.0 baths

    Home size: 1,260 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,974 sqft

  36. 3 beds, 2 full, 1 part baths

    Home size: 1,651 sq ft

  37. 3 beds, 2.0 baths

    Home size: 1,284 sq ft

    Lot size: 6,000 sqft

  38. 2 beds, 2 full baths

    Home size: 1,581 sq ft

  39. 3 beds, 1 full, 2 part baths

    Home size: 1,870 sq ft

    Lot size: 13,763 sqft

  40. 3 beds, 1.0 baths

    Home size: 1,209 sq ft

    Lot size: 5,000 sqft

  41. 4 beds, 3.5 baths

    Home size: 2,229 sq ft

  42. 3 beds, 2 full, 1 part baths

    Home size: 1,887 sq ft

    Lot size: 1.08 ac

  43. 3 beds, 2.5 baths

    Home size: 1,892 sq ft

  44. 3 beds, 3.0 baths

    Home size: 1,456 sq ft

  45. 3 beds, 3.0 baths

    Home size: 1,887 sq ft

  46. 3 beds, 3.0 baths

    Home size: 1,558 sq ft

  47. 3 beds, 3.0 baths

    Home size: 1,558 sq ft

  48. 4 beds, 2 full baths

    Home size: 1,686 sq ft

    Lot size: 5,304 sqft

  49. 3 beds, 3 full baths

    Home size: 1,821 sq ft

  50. 0 beds, 0 baths

    Home size: 3,405 sq ft

    Lot size: 3,267 sqft

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The Best Registry Cleaner Software For Your PC

If you?re looking for a program that can help you to clean up your computer and get it running faster again, then I strongly recommend that you look into a program such as the one in our RegCure review.? This program is the best registry cleaner that we have found on the internet.? After trying a bunch of programs we haf found that RegCure is indeed the best way to go.? ParetoLogic software is the publisher, and we definitely think that the best thing to do is to update your computer as much as you can after cleaning out the registry.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jim Hubbard: Making United in Anger: A History of ACT UP

In 2001, when Sarah Schulman and I co-founded the ACT UP Oral History Project, ACT UP was largely erased from public memory. It lived in the hearts and minds of those who had fought the AIDS epidemic, but there was no easily available information, no renewed public discussion of the achievements of the AIDS activist movement. In an attempt to redress that loss, we have interviewed 128 surviving members of ACT UP and made the transcripts and video clips from those interviews available on our website,

These interviews complemented the collection of AIDS activist video at the New York Public Library. The collection consists of over 1,000 hours of raw footage and finished tapes made by over 30 collectives and individual videomakers. The footage has been preserved and made freely available for viewing at the library to researchers, historians, students, and anyone else who might be interested.

Sarah and I have traveled to universities, libraries, community centers, and conferences around the world to show excerpts of this material in order to encourage writers, filmmakers, and institutions to use these resources. Two prominent shows, one at Harvard University and one at the White Columns Gallery in New York, made the material even better known. As a result, as we commemorate the 25th anniversary of ACT UP this month, there is a critical mass of interest and new work being made about ACT UP, including my own film, United in Anger: A History of ACT UP, which premiered last month at the Museum of Modern Art.

I started making this film 25 years ago, 10 years ago, or three years ago, depending on how you look at it.

I first filmed ACT UP at the Lesbian & Gay Pride March in New York in June 1987. In the early 1980s, when AIDS first began devastating the gay community, I began thinking about making a film about AIDS but was stymied because I had no intention of elbowing my way into hospital rooms to show people at their most vulnerable and victimized, as the mainstream media were doing. In 1984 my ex-lover, the filmmaker Roger Jacoby, was diagnosed with AIDS. I filmed him during the last year and a half of his life. When ACT UP came along with its flamboyantly visual style of politics, I weaved these two elements together to create my film Elegy in the Streets.

I continued to film ACT UP over the years with my 16-millimeter camera, but the real heroic effort of documenting the AIDS activist movement was carried on by the dozens of AIDS activist videomakers whose footage appears in United in Anger. They worked in collectives such as Testing the Limits, DIVA TV (Damned Interfering Video Activist Television), and as individuals. This footage is a historical resource of immense value, and I am exceedingly grateful to the many videomakers who allowed me to utilize their work in United in Anger. The on-the-ground, in-the-action footage made it possible to evoke what it was like to be in the midst of an ACT UP demonstration, and what it was like to be in an ACT UP meeting. As I worked on the film, I always felt that there was a community intelligence that shaped it and made it possible.

The other element that allowed United in Anger to be made is the communal knowledge and historical analysis that comes out of the interviews that form the ACT UP Oral History Project. I used excerpts from the interviews throughout the film to provide a more complex, fuller understanding of ACT UP, and to help viewers understand the unique combination of hard work and sheer intelligence that made ACT UP so effective.

I began intensely editing United in Anger about three years ago and finished it at the end of 2011. What I have tried to convey in the film is the urgency of people who, battling a deadly epidemic that threatened their lives, their culture, and their community, chose to fight back and remake the world.

To learn more about United in Anger: A History of ACT UP, please visit the film's website,

To commemorate its 25th anniversary, ACT UP will be demonstrating on Wall Street on April 25 at 11 a.m., demanding a tax on Wall Street to fund AIDS research. For more information, visit




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Personal Finance Strategies For The Real World - Turnkey Loan

Work to keep your credit rating as high as possible. It is very important to keep your credit score high in order to obtain good credit cards and low interest loans. Housing rentals, utility accounts and other such services can be impacted greatly by a bad credit score. Be wise when using your credit in order to maintain a high credit score.

You will be a good trader if you know when you should let your profits keep running. It is important when doing this that you do not get too greedy. Once you make a profit on a certain trade, know when to take the money off the table.

Create a direct deposit to your savings account so that the money is going straight to your emergency fund. Automatic deduction frees you from the responsibility of remembering to save all the time, and the money you save could be a lifesaver in the case of unexpected unemployment, medical expenses, disaster or other crises.

Success in business can be directly related to money management. Capital that you invest should be well protected. If you put your profits into your capital you can build a better foundation; you need to keep a careful watch onthem so you can see more profits. Set standards for profits and what you put into capital.

By practicing patience in your personal finances, you can save a significant amount of money. People clamor to buy the newest electronics without even thinking about the cost. The prices of such items tend to drop rapidly, though, so you should wait a bit before purchasing. You will then have much more money available to purchase other products you like.

Prevention is the best remedy for credit card debt. Before you put anything on your credit card, step back and really think about it. Imagine how long it would take to pay down the balance if you only pay the minimum each month. If you cannot pay a charge off within a month, you probably shouldn?t be purchasing the item of service, especially if it?s something you don?t truly need.

Take note of what you did to get into your financial mess in the first place. Spending years paying off debt should be a lesson in and of itself. You should strive to avoid debt in your future. If your last salary was less than you desired, learn how to negotiate a better salary. If you are forced into taking a low paying job, don?t spend like you did when you had a high paying job. When talking about your own finances, it?s best to treat each lesson as a valuable one. Know that what you know today is more then you knew yesterday, and every bit of knowledge puts you in a better financial situation in the future.

A credit score of 740 or more will make your mortgage application process a lot easier. With a score in this range, you can net far better interest rates. If it proves necessary, invest the time you need to get your credit score up. Applying for a large loan, such as a mortgage, should be put off until you have improved your credit rating.

Follow your credit rating. You can also check your report for free. Make sure that you do this twice a year to ensure that there are not any unauthorized changes on your report, or someone has not committed identity theft using your name and information.

Start saving now! Saving money is one the keys to financial security, as well as a happy life. Start saving now, not tomorrow! You can tell yourself that having to save is part of your bill paying process. By doing this, you will start to build up an emergency fund.

Establish a realistic budget and stick to it. Whether you use a pen and paper or a downloadable budget tracker, the key is to let your budget help you form good spending habits and change bad ones. Once you know what you?re spending money on, you can decide whether you want to cut any of it out. This type of planning helps you reduce spending and refrain from spending money you can?t afford on luxuries.

Maintain your income tax records on a daily basis so that you don?t have to locate or compile financial documentation at the last minute. Keep all your receipts and other tax documents organized in the same place throughout the year, and you will be ready when tax time rolls around.

All debt is not bad. Debts that can work in your favor are things like real estate. Real estate is good because, for the most part, they increase in value over time and the loan interest is tax deductible. Another good debt is paying for college. Student loans are an investment in the future that may have attractive interest rates and deferred repayment.

Dealing with difficult personal finances can frustrate you at times, but your efforts will pay off in the long run. Talking to financial advisers and carefully studying financial techniques is all it takes. The ideas you just learned can help you keep your finances in order.

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