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Microsoft and Xbox Live throw their support behind GaymerCon

Xbox Live GaymerCon

Microsoft released a video this week committing their support to GaymerCon, the first LGBT gaming convention.

As summer comes to a close, let us toast it hottest trend: Major corporations in the video game industry coming out in support of the LGBT community. Microsoft was the latest to throw its support behind gay and lesbian gamers on Thursday when it released a video announcing its support of GaymerCon, the world?s first LGBT tech and gaming convention.

As of this writing, GaymerCon is just about to complete its funding campaign on Kickstarter. It?s raised nearly $86,000, more than triple its initial goal of $25,000. The convention will be held in San Francisco, California in August 2013.

?It?s a great opportunity to bring people together, about a common cause and common background, and see what comes of it,? says Xbox Live Program Manager Nell.

Why do gay and lesbian gamers need their own convention and why is it great the Microsoft is supporting them through Xbox Live? Because gay and lesbian gamers have to deal with constant persecution from small-minded, cruel twits on Xbox Live. Calling someone a homo because you beat them in Halo makes you a bad person, Xbox Live users.

Microsoft joins Electronic Arts, who publicly spoke out again the Defense of Marriage Act in July.


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Tax Refund in Perth | USA Free Listings

Tax refund accountant Perth has supplied its companies to tens of a large number of West Australians above the past twenty decades. Prouse Family members Accountants have a number of residential and business financial commitment qualities and concentrates on supporting households by supplying organization, financial investment, superannuation and help with their taxation and accounting affairs tax return providers.

Tax Refund in Perth companies are professionals with lots of professional, qualified organization authorities. This Firm provides superb provider and understands its client and their require. A typical male in unfamiliar with many of the tax jargon Tax refund accounted Perth will help its shopper in furnishing many of the details in basic English, it aims in producing shopper common with all the tax issues.

A client really should get its tax done aided by the utmost feasible return. Precise knowledge, qualified knowledge and crystal very clear, uncomplicated conversation would be the important to every successful organization connection. That is the rationale why Tax Refund Accountant Perth is approachable by all people these kinds of as families from a variety of circumstances, backgrounds, cultures, nations around the world and occupations; since they recognize their shopper desires and cost moderately.

The company delivers quite a few exceptional solutions these types of as visiting clientele and prepares tax returns inside their house or office, by appointment, weekdays, Saturdays and right after hrs.

With numerous customer foundation Tax Accountant Perth is will help using the subsequent

. Introducing and helping new migrants to the Australian cash flow tax and GST process.
. Setting up a whole new business enterprise enterprise
. Helps in decreasing house personal debt
. Provides Normal taxation advice and scheduling
. Helps in issue connected to saving, arranging, expense and
. Helps in pinpointing powerful saving
. Financing automobiles, plant and tools or enterprise investments
. Helps in handling household budget
. Saving and investing to finance client?s children?s education

Besides furnishing tax return, products and services Tax Accountant Perth also assist your enterprise. It?s assisted many small business enterprise consumers with their guide maintaining, finance, financial investment and preparing each year, with acceptable total of charge.

Alternatively, if you need a complete established of audited accounts with extensive economical statements and supporting stories Tax Refund Accountant Perth focuses on the following:-

- MYOB and QuickBooks Skilled Partners
- Enhancing small business money movement.
- Supplying an enormous variety of GST and book retaining products and services
- Presenting intensive business enterprise preparing, assistance and aid expert services
- Enterprise formation, registration and compliance solutions

Tax Refund Accountant Perth has operated with several smaller organizations and it has lots of experience during the personal, non-profit and governing administration sectors.

tax accountant perth
tax refund perth


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Start Earning Millions With the Best Business Marketing


In recent days, every organization is concerned on how to make more profits through advertisement. However, the most effective method to promote the business is through business marketing. Generally, business marketing is the act of having the organizations, institutions, and businesses sell their products to other companies. These companies will in turn resell the products in name of the business they purchased from. Some people confuse the difference between marketing and advertising. Normally, advertising does not involve a resell while marketing resell is the actual activity. However, in business marketing, there is little advertisement but like the really advertisement done by the business itself. For marketing, it is done in order to promote the product through direct mails and journals. This in turn helps the marketer to successfully resell the product at a good price.

The other thing that most people confuse is the consumer and business marketing. Though at times the differences are quite obvious, you might find some people confusing them. It is essential to note that, business marketing is more of direct distribution channel. This is unlike the consumer marketing which classified as an indirect channel of distribution.

Because a marketer generally performs marketing, he must meet certain requirements from the business. To start with, he must match the product strength with a definable target market. Also, he should position the price to meet the market price. By this we mean, he must not over or under estimate the price. The prices should be at an optimum price. In addition, communication should be effective and should not say anything negative about the product or the service in the market. Generally, these requirements are also referred to as fundamental principles of the 4ps of marketing.

On the other hand, you will find some businesses using the business coupon to promote their businesses. Normally, a coupon is a ticket used by many businesses in order to sell their product at a discount. This is a most effective way of promoting the business because everyone wants to have a product at a reduced price. Therefore, if you really want to promote you business, you may introduce your coupon code and let your clients enjoy your services. There are many sites where you can sign- in for a coupon connection. However, with the, you can sing in free and enjoy the services. They are also online business marketers and you can always consider them.

Author Resource:- Business marketing is really promoting most businesses in modern world. In addition, business coupon is very important because more products will be purchased.
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'Old Spice Guy' makes muscles play music

Wieden & Kennedy / Vimeo

Terry Crews mixes muscles and music with a new Old Spice video that lets users get a chance to play.

By Suzanne Choney

Watch out, "Old Spice Guy" Isaiah Mustafa. Terry Crews ? former NFL player and "Expendables" star? is muscling in on your success, playing music using his muscles?? yes, his muscles?? in an ad for the men's aftershave on Vimeo that has been played more than 1.7 million times in the last two days.

Not only does Crews use his muscles to trigger various instruments, but after the ad is over, viewers can use their own keyboards to control Crews' muscles and make their own "muscle-powered musical creations."

The clever "Muscle Music" ad campaign is by global ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. It first surfaced Aug. 23, but viewership has gone viral in the last 48 hours on Vimeo, where the after-show can be created.

"To promote the new Old Spice scent Danger Zone, Old Spice Muscleman Terry Crews does what no man has ever done before ? play a drum set using nothing but his flexing muscles," the ad agency says on its website.

"In addition to watching his historically important muscle powered performance, users also have the ability to use their keyboards to control Terry's muscles and create and share their own muscle-powered musical creations."

Or, as the firm noted on its blog:

Never has so much stupidity and technological breakthrough been combined into one thingy. It's the first ever fully interactive and sharable music video/player on Vimeo (or YouTube for that matter).

"Old Spice Muscle Music" also takes the marketing effort to Reddit, where Crews is taking questions from fans and viewers, for now.

One fan asked the star ? who also played Chris Rock's dad on the CW sitcom "Everybody Hates Chris" and U.S. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho?in the Mike Judge movie "Idiocracy" ? and about how it is that he refuses to be typecast.

"I constantly get out of my comfort zone," he says. "Looking cool is the easiest way to mediocrity. The coolest guy in my high school ended up working at a car wash. Once you push yourself into something new, and whole new world of opportunities opens up. But you might get hurt. In fact you WILL get hurt. But amazingly when you heal ? you are somewhere you've never been." No question about that with "Old Spice Muscle Music."


When five teenagers struck a goofy pose for a group photo in 1982, they never expected that 30 years later they would be sitting in the same spot making the same face. The friends, now in their late 40s, talk about why they made a pact to take the same picture again and again.


? Via The Verge

More stories from Digital Life:

Check out Technolog, Gadgetbox, Digital Life and In-Game on?Facebook,?and on?Twitter, follow Suzanne Choney.


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IT Equipment Rental Choices - Free Article Directory

Internet and Technology | Hardware | * Written by Rank Computers | Wednesday, 29 August 2012 01:37 | Word Count: 466

Organizations and individuals alike are discovering that the options for IT equipment rental are extensive.? At the same time it is also very helpful when you are rent the equipment instead of buying. In addition to allowing you to have equipment that you don?t need on a full time basis, it can be more cost effective for anyone in general.

If you need a specific piece of equipment for a specific reason but don?t plan to need that equipment on a regular basis, you can rent the needed item for the required time period and then return it when you are through.? This option allows for a wide range of convenient features as well as saving you the cost of buying it.? In addition this same process can also be used for equipment that you do need on a regular basis but choose not to purchase.

Making these decisions is going to depend on a number of things. First you need to look at the available options and then determine the cost of each of those options.? When comparing the choices that you have, you want to be sure that you are taking into consideration the maintenance and other things that might be needed with each and any additional cost that might be incurred.

When you do through the process you want to consider how useful each choice will be.? In addition you need to look at the overall cost over the lifetime of the equipment.? In many cases the technology for the equipment you are considering will change so rapidly that buying the items is not efficient.

When you hire a laptop you will likely have a maintenance agreement as well that helps keep the software up to date and will handle any equipment failure that may be experienced as well.? When you need to find a projector for hire, you can find these choices as well.? Learning all of the options that you might have available it going to be an important step.

IT equipment rental options are available to fit nearly any need.? Some of the longer contracts will be used when the organization needs the equipment but does not wish to buy the equipment.? These options will be helpful in maintaining a smaller budget while still helping you to have the necessary equipment to do your work.

If you are searching for a computer rental or other high end electronics, you should take a look at Rank Computers.? They offer a variety of choices including event rental and long term arrangements to suit your needs.? You will find great deals on great products for your medium to large organization.? Visit them today at to view the available products and get started on your rental today.

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Author of this article: Rank Computers.

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Rank Computers joined FAFY - Free Article For You on Wednesday, 15 February 2012.

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Legal Stories: Using Legal Guidance to Achieve Results

Legal Horror Stories:?This series is brought to you by to help educate and inform young business owners.?See if you qualify to have your business incorporated for free today!

Today?s story comes from Geeta Raj The Global Sleepover?a start-up for children about fictional sleepovers all over the world.

On the whole, I rely on legal guidance to keep checks and balance. ?No, you can?t do this? or ?Yes, you can do this and here?s how.? Doing things correctly the first time around, even at early stages of a start-up, is invaluable.

The Global Sleepover is my first start-up; I?m particular in ensuring things are done right in efficient and affordable ways. Most of us can?t afford high hourly rates for legal advice that, with research and exploration, is actually available for free. It?s a great feeling of accomplishment when you put in some effort, play the guessing game, find answers to your legal questions and save that $200 ? $400. Then there are situations which merit spending the money in exchange for peace of mind.

My business partner and I set-up The Global Sleepover LLC and its related Operating Agreement using research and exploration. It worked beautifully. (See below for tips). Soon after, though, the terms of my partner?s involvement changed drastically. Worse case, myself individually and the business were suddenly vulnerable to future lawsuits, claims and blurry lines of ownership. This was further complicated by the legal implications of foreign ownership as he?s a UK citizen.

I didn?t have the patience or capacity to explore and research. My goal was to protect the business and ensure all legal obligations were satisfied. I called a lawyer who came recommended, told him what had happened and where I wanted to go, and handed it over to him. His response, for $200/hour, was: ?Yes you can do this and here?s how.? He told me what steps I needed to take, drafted all relevant documents, and the LLC was protected from future vulnerabilities. Putting the burden on the lawyer to ?get it done? also freed my time to manage the situation in other ways. It was worth doing right the first time around.

Tips for the Research and Exploration Method:

  • Talk to anyone knowledgeable on the subject matter you?re working on. Your answer will come from piecing together answers from numerous sources.
  • Don?t be afraid to ask questions. It?s amazing what people will tell you if you just ask.
  • Keep informed! Book stores and libraries still exist. Go spend a few hours reading up. You have to know enough to be able to ask the right questions and make intelligent guesses.
  • If you?re dealing with a legal issue that involves a government entity, call that government entity. Talk with them. If the person answering the phone isn?t helpful, hang up and call again.
  • ?Some lawyers offer free consultations ? take advantage!
  • ?Services exist where, for a small monthly fee, you can get a set amount of legal questions answered and documents reviewed. These can be worth the money.
  • You can source the first-half of standard legal documents online for free. It?s a good start and you?re half-way there.
  • You?ll naturally miss some things by doing your own research and exploration. Sometimes it takes a few tries to optimize. I re-wrote the Operating Agreement for my LLC numerous times.

Tips on Utilizing Legal Consultation Effectively and With Results

  • Ask around for a recommended lawyer.
  • Understand how you operate and work best ? this will help you maximize the lawyer?s time when you?re paying by the hour.
  • Figure out, in advance, what you want to happen. Make sure you?re 100% clear on this.
  • Rely on the lawyer as an enabling tool to get you to your end result. Don?t rely on the lawyer to set goals ? that?s your job.
  • Ask the lawyer as many questions as you want.
  • At times, it might be wise to get a ?second opinion? or do independent research.
  • Set terms of payment, consultation, involvement in advance and with a signed document.
  • Document all communications with lawyers ? even if it?s a phone call.

eMinutes is forming 500 free corporations for first-time business owners.?See if you qualify for one today!?Have questions? Don?t worry everybody who contacts eMinutes speaks directly to a lawyer about their specific needs and what is right for them and their business.

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Category: Legal/Accounting, Startup Advice


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TrustEgg Allows Anyone To Set Up A Trust For Their Kids

trusteggTrustEgg, the Y Combinator-backed startup which will allow anyone to set up a trust for their children without expensive legal fees or detailed financial know-how, is finally moving towards launch by opening up access to their beta list today. The startup, like many of those in the financial services space, has faced a number of regulatory hurdles which has caused slowdowns, as well as the loss of co-founder?Gabe Krambs,?who still advises and sits on the board but no longer participates in day-to-day activities. (He had to "get a real job" to pay the bills.) That being said, TrustEgg's founder, Jeff Brice, who has been obsessed with the idea of?democratizing?access to trust fund creation for seven years now, says that TrustEgg is ready to begin collecting sign-ups in order to make its public debut.


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HR Coordinator ? Training & Development - ASTD Job Bank

The Human Resources Coordinator supports SGH?s corporate training and development programs. Working under the Director of HR in our corporate headquarters in Waltham, MA within a corporate HR team of eight, this position will help coordinate internal education programs.

SGH?s HR team includes two positions specializing in training and development. Together they coordinate technical and non-technical/business training programs for a consulting engineering firm. This position will focus on identifying needs and developing curriculum for non-technical/business training for all staff and communication of SGH?s philosophy on professional development and culture of learning.

The HR Coordinator will help identify and implement an education tracking system; will help manage a corporate education calendar, registrations, and materials; will work with groups responsible for training to help develop training modules and materials; and will coordinate training between offices. Additional responsibilities include supporting and working with SGH?s corporate education steering committee, assisting with lunch education programs in all offices, and working with other members of the corporate HR team on other projects and initiatives. SGH HR?s two training and development positions work together to align all technical and non-technical training, and to continuously develop our program in response to the SGH?s business needs and corporate strategies.

SGH has invested heavily in corporate training over the past few years, increasing budgets and resources to build our program. The successful candidate will be passionate about being a part of building on that exciting momentum and helping advance our program.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

Partner with the Director of HR, HR team, and corporate steering committee to assess company needs to drive training initiatives. Help identify gaps and recommend solutions. Measure effectiveness of training programs.

Work with subject matter experts or others responsible for training to develop business/non-technical training modules and materials using a variety of media.

Partner with the technical-training focused HR Coordinator to align all SGH training programs and maintain a corporate training calendar.

Review outside educational offerings to assess their relevance to SGH?s training needs.

Help develop programs and/or materials to develop and coach others giving training.

Assist in maintaining a corporate communication plan for messaging SGH?s philosophy and program, and reinforcing SGH?s culture of continuous learning.

Partner with the Director of Human Resources on training and development program for SGH supervisors.

Provide just-in-time solutions for managers or employees with specific needs.

Assist with other duties as requested by Director of Human Resources.


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Safety Training Courses - Keeping Your Work Environment Safe


Keeping the workplace secure is a requirement for every firm. It doesn't only apply to construction internet sites. Even very simple incidents could cause serious losses for your firm. Safety training courses help the staff remain educated on particular practices to keep your workplace safe and secure.

You may find distinctive companies offering safety training services online. These companies may either hold conferences to teach your employees about distinct concepts, which they can utilize inside your business office. Below are some of them.


Incidents may occur anyplace. It becomes more widespread when individuals don't take additional care of their surroundings. These mishaps could cause permanent damages and health problems. You can actually prevent incidents from taking place by taking up risk prevention training. This can help you determine if methods or items around an area could cause injuries or damage.

Learning about proper spacing to layout of equipment might help lower incidents. It is crucial for the business office to have enough space for men and women to maneuver around. If you are working in a little space, you are inclined to make best use of every space feasible. In turn, you may ignore the safety of those working in it.

Safety training courses provide basic protection for your employees. Policies on basic safety regulations carry on for a long time until accidents turn into a rare part of your workplace.


To keep men and women from committing mistakes at the job, they always have to be alert.

Safety training services might also focus on the health of your staff. Simple slip-ups might cause grave damages. Due to this, your personnel constantly have to be in good health condition when working. You should develop policies with regards to the well being of your staff. This may include giving healthier choices for food in the cafeteria. Exercise and health programs need to be an option for the majority of employees who may have the time after work. They need regular check-ups to ensure they're capable of working under the established conditions of the workplace.


Once incidents happen, your employees should know what to do next. They have to learn to act quickly and in an organized fashion. It's important they keep calm and carry out first aid help on the victim. Safety training courses provide lessons regarding how to deal with various injuries. You do not treat different injuries the same way. Some injuries may need extra medical assistance before they can become worse, or create lifelong damage to your employee.

Handling major incidences such as fires or natural calamities are also part of the training. People need to know how to properly react under stressful conditions. Keeping everyone safe should be your company's priority.

Find companies offering professional safety training services for several types of company setting. Make certain these firms give you pros who can communicate well to your staff members. Your staff needs to understand fully the actual steps they must take to protect themselves, and to appropriately react to urgent matters.


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Jeff Bullas interview - Business 2 Community

At Social Media Down Under I got the chance to interview Jeff Bullas, an AdAge Power 150 blogger and top Aussie social media professional.

Here?s our interiew:

Adam Franklin: Hi it?s Adam Franklin, from Social Media Down Under. I?m here with Jeff Bullas, thank you for joining us today Jeff.

Jeff Bullas: It?s a pleasure Adam.

Adam Franklin: I?m keen to share with our audience on our blog and YouTube channel, can you tell me about the rise of these image sharing tools such as Instagram, and Pinterest.

Jeff Bullas: The web has become much more visual over the last 12 months and you might have noticed with the change of design for Facebook, the new timeline, cover photo. Also Google plus launching has put certain pressure on Facebook to evolve its platform. So seeing those two platforms evolve to provide higher definition larger images. We are also seeing the rise of platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram that communicate messages in a much more visual way. Also the popularity of infographics. These are all driving or creating new opportunities in terms of how we communicate online.

Adam Franklin: So should taking these visual tools into account when playing with peoples content marketing programs these days?

Jeff Bullas: Absolutely, so for example about 2 weeks ago I wrote a blog post containing a infographic that I?d pinned on Pinterest, and in checking the figures recently it?s had over 300 pins. Which means that infographic actually provides 300 links back to my blog. Now that?s a fairly powerful strategy for actually getting your content to spread and that?s the real challenge for most brands is getting the content to actually be shared and linked to.

Adam Franklin: Thanks very much for sharing that Jeff.


Thanks! You can follow Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas


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Pensions v. DIP Charge: The Continuing Timminco Saga Unions ...

This article has been contributed to the blog by Steven Golick and Lindsay Offner. Steven Golick is a partner in the insolvency and restructuring group of Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, and Lindsay Offner is an associate in the group.

The law in Canada concerning priorities between the statutory deemed trusts relating to pension plan contributions and certain pension fund shortfalls on the one hand, and court ordered charges in favour of DIP lenders on the other hand has been in a state of flux ever since the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal (the ?OCA?) in Re Indalex. Although this case has been appealed to and argued before the Supreme Court of Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada?s decision is on reserve. In the meantime, a recent decision of the OCA sheds some light on topic.

Timminco Limited and B?cancour Silicon Inc. (collectively, the ?Timminco Entities?) obtained an initial order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (the ?Court?) on January 3, 2012 (the ?Initial Order?), granting them protection under the Companies Creditors? Arrangement Act (the ?CCAA?). Shortly thereafter the Timminco Entities sought a further order that among other things (1) approved a debtor-in-possession facility (the ?DIP Facility?) with QSI Partners Ltd. (the ?DIP Lender?), and (2) granted a Court-ordered super priority charge over the current and future assets, undertakings and properties of the Timminco Entities? in favour of the DIP Lender and other lenders under the DIP Agreement.

In particular, the order sought a super priority charge in favour of the DIP Lender over the trusts created under the Quebec Supplemental Pension Plans Act (?QSPPA?) and the Ontario Pension Benefits Act (?OPBA?) for various amounts under such pension legislation. The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers? Union of Canada and the United Steelworkers? Union (collectively, the ?Unions?) opposed the motion (the ?DIP Motion?), and the request to grant super priority to the DIP Lender.

The Court found in favour of the Timminco Entities and granted the DIP charge in priority to the statutory deemed trusts created under the Provincial pension legislation. We have previously commented on this decision, which comments can be found at:

The Unions brought a motion seeking leave to appeal the order granting the super-priority charge. The motion for leave to appeal was recently denied by the OCA.

The OCA held that, in the context of the CCAA, leave to appeal is only to be granted sparingly in situations in which there are arguable grounds that ?are of real and significant interest to the parties.? The OCA then articulated the following four-part inquiry from Re Stelco (2005) that the Court is required to consider in determining whether to grant leave to appeal:

1. Whether the point on the proposed appeal is of significance to the practice;

2. Whether the point is of significance to the action;

3. Whether the proposed appeal is prima facie meritorious or frivolous; and

4. Whether the appeal will unduly hinder the progress of the action.

The OCA found that the Leave to Appeal by CEP and USW lacked sufficient merit to meet the narrow test in Re Stelco. The OCA refused to interfere with the Court?s findings in the DIP Motion and held that:

?We see no basis on which this court could interfere with the motion judge?s decision, including his unassailable findings of fact that: (1) without DIP financing, Timminco would be forced to cease operating; (2) bankruptcy would not be in the interests of anyone, including members of the pension plan; (3) if the DIP lender did not get super priority, it would not have agreed to provide financing; and (4) there was insufficient liquidity or unfavourable terms associated with the rejected DIP proposals. In short, he found that there was ?no real alternative? to approving the DIP facility and DIP super priority charge.?

The OCA also considered the doctrine of paramountcy. Pursuant to the doctrine of paramountcy, under the CCAA, which is a Federal statute, the court has the ability to override provisions of Provincial statutes which would have the effect of frustrating a company?s ability to restructure and avoid bankruptcy. In this case, the Court had held that ?in the absence of the court granting the requested super priority, the objectives of the CCAA would be frustrated?, and also that ?to ensure that the objectives of the CCAA are fulfilled, it is necessary to invoke the doctrine of paramountcy such that the provisions of the CCAA override those of the QSPPA and the OPBA?.? The OCA refused to interfere with the Court?s decision.

The law relating to the intersection of insolvency law and pension law in Canada continues to evolve. The OCA Timminco decision provides support for the proposition that the decision in Indalex may be limited to the particular facts of that case. Pending release of the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Indalex, this decision of the OCA provides further guidance that where the proper steps are taken by the debtor concerning notice, and the appropriate facts exist, a CCAA court may still grant a super-priority charge in favour of a DIP Lender in priority to the statutory trusts created by Provincial pension legislation. We await the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada which will no doubt shed further light on this topic.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun Family Games and Yummy Snacks! | Smarty Pants Mama

Family Fun with Games and Snacks

If you?re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!

August is Family Fun Month! Have you been celebrating? I honestly feel like every month is Family Fun Month! Yes, we like to have fun with great games, snacks and company! Do you?

Fun Family GameFor the last year or so, we have regularly had a fun Family Game Night, filled with board games and yummy snacks. Remember when we had an American Idol Family Night or the night we played with the big checkers?! We typically hold?Family Game Night on Friday but it is a quick crowd pleaser any night of the week! This week we had it on Sunday night, with cookies, my parents and the board game Clue! What night do you have Family Game Night?

A fun game and a yummy snack are the most important components of organizing Family Game Night. Popcorn & pepperoni is a favorite here! Have you made this easy, yummy snack before? Pop or microwave your favorite popcorn and then toss it with Hormel pepperoni minis ? we?ve even thrown a handful or two of M&Ms in there when we want a sweet & salty snack. Serve it in a big bowl for the little and big hands to dig into.

Planning a fun Family Game Night, especially one to have this special Family Fun Month, is easy! Give it a try and share your experience! Try to include the kids in the game choice and snack preparation! Getting the entire crew involved makes it truly a ?family? night! Have fun!

Disclosure: I?am currently a member of the Hormel Foods Extended Blogger Program?and this post is part of my involvement in the Group. While Hormel Foods provides me material and necessary resources to complete various?activities, all statements and sentiments stated are my own.Hormel Extended Family Blogger


Author Description

Caroline ~ Smarty Pants Mama

Caroline is a 30-something Hispanic mom based in South Florida. She dedicates her day to her beautiful little girls and her wonderful husband Tom (@SmartyPantsDada) and her extra time to her Smarty Pants Mama network.


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'Expendables 2' Stays At #1 During Weakest Box Office Of 2012

'Bourne Legacy' also holds on to its spot at #2, due to feeble newcomers 'Premium Rush,' 'Hit and Run' and 'The Apparition.'
By Ryan J. Downey

Jason Statham in "The Expendables 2"
Photo: Lionsgate


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Top 10 lines Romney should not use in his acceptance address at Republican Convention

The Republican Party will officially nominate Mitt Romney for president this week in Tampa. Here are 10 lines his speechwriters should refrain from including in his nationally televised acceptance speech Thursday night:

(10.) Read My Lips, Tampa: All New Taxes. We?re going to have bucket loads of them. Good God, will they be stifling!

(9.) When President Obama entered the White House, he removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. When I?m president, it?s coming back to the Oval, where it will stand as a shining example of strength and fortitude ? right next to a bust of Charlie Manson.

(8.) The Romney administration will be bipartisan. That?s why I am happy to pledge tonight that, if elected, I will nominate Joe Biden to be my Secretary of State. [Wait for applause.] And Attorney General Eric Holder, he?s staying too! [Pause for raucous cheers.]

(7.) If you like Obamacare, let me tell you, you?re going to LOVE Romneycare. Primarily because it?s the same thing.

(6.) Good evening, Tampa! [Pause for screams.] 9/11 was an inside job! Did you know fire can?t melt steel?

(5.) And I say with firm conviction, yes America, corporations are people too ? but no, Mexicans are most certainly not..

(4.) After some soul-searching, I?ve decided to replace Paul Ryan with Todd Akin.

(3.) As president, I pledge to keep the public updated every month with a White House newsletter. And I am proud to announce tonight that Rep. Ron Paul has agreed to edit it.

(2.) In this White House, former union boss Andy Stern is among the most regular visitors. Not in a Romney White House. In a Romney White House, Andy Stern will be replaced with one of the greatest football coaches this country has ever known, and one of the most honorable men I know, one Mr. Jerry Sandusky.

(1.) Good evening Tampa. Let?s talk about the difference between legitimate rape and illegitimate rape.

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Scrapbooking Projects And More Using Vinyl For Cricut | Life Coach ...

Technological innovation is truly producing our lives less difficult; it impacts an even way we preserve nice recollections. Such things are from carvings to paintings, charcoal to photography, and writing to publishing. There are many modifications, and yes it created preservation much easier. Cricut machine is a great invention that changed scrapbooking. This tool made cutting of components, for example, document, and material, along with vinyl regarding cricut less difficult. Every single scrapbooking enthusiast and anyone who loves arts, and crafts should own this machine.

Scrapbooking was introduced in the 19th century. Creative minds have developed apart on the way to sustain memories in an inventive and enjoyable method. Scrapbook involves the agreement of your image in a publication using a theme by way of different styles along with adornments. Even though this way is fun, it demands terrific time and also patience and besides a great deals of creativeness and as well resourcefulness.

When scrapbooking was just starting, the method and process were not that easy yet. Components are available, nevertheless, implementation ended up being quite difficult. What have analyzed scrapbook was the cutting stage. This phase as well as cycle needs steady and articulates hands, think about cutting 10pieces of flowery designed fabric ? yes it turned out tough, specifically dimension is thus modest. Now that cricut cutting machine is here, every scrap booker can easily create projects. The conceptualized design can be implemented easily in just no time. Cutting stage would certainly don?t require a great deal of time, and that?s because of the fantastic technological innovation which is cricut cutting appliance.

Now that you know that the cricut cutting machine saved a lot of time and effort of scrapbook, you probably think which the sole use of this machine is for scrapbooking. Definitely not! This machine has various functionalities that can even help you earn income. The use is not inadequate to scrap booking enthusiasts. The models in software and ink cartridges can, in fact, be used pertaining to some other assignments; you just have to choose your choice.

A popular project using this machine is a greeting card. Now you can customize your own greeting card perfectly according to your liking. Vinyl for cricut is another material that can give you various projects. It can be used as a label, a wall decorative and much more. Explore the endless possibilities of your machine, use your creative mind and try different materials. Once you have started using vinyl, you will probably realize that this material is cheap and durable and end up making it your favorite. Just remember, the possibilities are endless, just think outside the box.

Steven Yang is an art fanatic who makes use of Cricut vinyl to embellish more his art works. To learn more about the Vinyl for cricut Click here.


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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thread: Black gun burl vase - Family Woodworking

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10 Ways You Can Finance Your Small Business

If you're thinking of starting up your own small business but don't know how to finance your dream, don't despair. There are many ways to finance a small business.

1.????? Friends and Family

If you have friends or family who are?reasonably wealthy, you can ask them to help finance your business. You won't need to have an exemplary credit score if you finance your business through friends and family. On the downside, if your business goes sideways it may sour your relationship with your lender.

2.????? Use a Credit Card

You can use a?credit card with a high spending limit?to help finance your new business. Credit cards are relatively easy to obtain and do not require you to present your business plan in front of a banker or investor. Credit cards also carry very high interest rates.

3.????? Take Out a Home Equity Loan

If you own your own home, you can take out a?home equity loan?to finance your new business. As a secured loan, a home equity loan is relatively easy to obtain and typically carries a lower interest rate. However, if you are unable to repay the loan, you risk losing your home.

4.????? Cash Out Your Retirement Policy

If you've been investing in a?401(k) plan?or some other retirement policy, you can try to cash out your investment early to finance a business. Cashing out your policy carries one huge advantage: You do not have to repay anyone. Before you cash out your policy, familiarize yourself with your policy's rules; you may have to pay considerable financial penalties to cash out a policy early.

5.????? Small Business Administration Loan

Some banks offer?Small Business Administration loans, or SBA loans; these loans are largely backed by Small Business Administration, giving you the advantages of a secured loan without having to secure the loan yourself. However, SBA loans are by nature variable loans; your interest rate may change from year to year.

6.????? Partner with a Strategic Investor

A strategic investor will partner with your business, providing cash, expertise and connections to your business. Acquiring a strategic investor can provide your business with resources usually reserved for long-established businesses. On the downside, you'll have to cede some amount of control to your strategic investor.

7.????? Find an Angel Investor

Angel investors?are well-funded private citizens or small groups that provide initial capital in return for an ownership stake in your company. Angel investors typically allow you free rein to run your business and may offer you guidance as your business grows. Unless your business has a high growth potential, you may have trouble attracting an angel investor.

8.????? Attract a Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalists?can be very effective sources of financial aid. Venture capitalists can provide budding businesses with literally millions of investment dollars. However, in return for their investments, venture capitalists will put your company on a very short leash.

9.????? Crowdsourcing

Websites such as?Kickstarter?provide a new source of investment capital: the millions of people who use the Internet. These websites allow you to acquire thousands of smaller investments, adding up to a very large sum. As attractive as crowdsourcing sounds, you may not have much success with it unless you are a savvy marketer.

10.? Grants

Grants?are an excellent source of financing. Grants do not need to be repaid, giving your business free seed money to grow on. Most grants are the subject of fierce competition; additionally, grants are only available for certain types of companies. High-tech companies are the most common grant recipients.

About the author:

Aaron Sherman writes on business strategies and also on planning successful business meetings.


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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Record rhino slaughter in S. Africa tied to Vietnam

A rhino poaching crisis in South Africa is fed by an insatiable demand in Vietnam for the large animals' horns, which are believed to promote health, cure hangovers and even cancer, according to a new report.

In South Africa, more and more rhinos are being killed illegally. In 2007, 13 rhinos were poached, this number rose steadily to a record 448 in 2011. In early 2012, rhinos were being poached at a rate of almost two rhinos per day, and officials expect the total loss to stand at 515 by the end of this year if the rate continues, according to TRAFFIC, a nongovernmental global network that monitors wildlife trade, which issued the report.

Arrests are rising too, but organized crime is involved, TRAFFIC reports. The crime syndicates involved in rhino poaching are also linked to drug and diamond smuggling, as well as human trafficking and the illegal trade in other wildlife parts, such as elephant ivory, the report says.

The demand for the horn has prompted those who want it to attempt to exploit legal sport hunts for rhinoceros, according to the report, which notes that earlier this year South Africa attempted to address this problem by suspending the issuance of hunting licenses to Vietnamese nationals, and introducing other changes. However, rhino traders are attempting to circumvent these changes, TRAFFIC reports.

Meanwhile, criminals have begun looking elsewhere for horns. In recent years at least 65 horns on display in South Africa have been stolen, as have others in the United States and Europe, TRAFFIC reports. [Images from a Rhino Bust]

"However, with the surging demand from Asia, people willing to pay high prices to get their hands on rhino horn, and little fear of capture by those smuggling horn, it was perhaps inevitable that this 'commodity' would catch the attention of the hardened criminal fraternity, creating a 'perfect storm' for rhino poaching and horn trade," said Jo Shaw, a program officer with TRAFFIC and a co-author of the report, in a statement.

Vietnam provides the main market for horn. The primary users are those who believe in the horn's detoxification properties, the report says. Affluent users frequently use the horn as a hangover cure and general health tonic, grinding it up and mixing it with water or alcohol.

The horn is also sometimes marketed as a cancer cure for terminally ill patients, "a cynical marketing ploy to increase the illicit trade," according to TRAFFIC.

"The surge in rhino horn demand from Viet Nam has nothing to do with meeting traditional medicine needs, it's to supply a recreational drug to party goers or to con dying cancer patients out of their cash for a miracle rhino horn cure that will never happen," said Tom Milliken, a rhino expert with TRAFFIC, and a co-author of the report.

Poaching has already had grave consequences for rhinos. In the last decade, the western black rhino went extinct and the Indochinese Javan rhinoceros was eradicated from Vietnam, with fewer than 50 individuals remaining in Java.

The 175-nation treaty, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, makes nearly all commercial trade in rhino horns and other species threatened with extinction illegal. Signatories also committed to regulating trade within their borders.

The report is called The South Africa?Vietnam Rhino Horn Trade Nexus. TRAFFIC is a joint program of the World Wildlife Fund and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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Trademark Infringement Liability of Real Estate Lessors in China Law

?By Luo Yanjie

In a recent news report (note: the link is in Chinese), Guang Dong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Co., Ltd, the holder of trademark OPPO used in mobile phones, filed a lawsuit against a company and the lessor of its store, claiming ceasing the infringement and the compensation. Beijing Fengtai District People?s Court judged the joint liability of infringement of the both the shop and the real estate lessor and shall compensate the plaintiff 10, 000 yuan.

This is a typical trademark dispute arisen by the shop?s infringement and then lead to the liability of the market which is the real estate lessor, and in the similar cases, the market tends to feel being wronged for what it provides is the real estate renting not the conducts or aids in the infringement, yet the court will judge the establishment of the infringement liability. Today, we would like to analyze the liability taking in the similar cases.

I. The legal ground of real estate lessor?s liability

As provided in Article 50 of Implementation Regulations of Trademark Law:

?Any provision of convenience to storage, transportation, mailing, hiding of other?s intentional infringement against the trademark right could constitute the infringement against the trademark?.

The selling of trademark infringing products by the market store is surely kind of infringement against others? trademark rights, and as to the market, the real estate renting could be deemed as the convenience to others? infringement (at least to provide the place to conduct the infringement). Therefore, once the trademark holder could prove the intention or willingness of the market, the market shall accordingly take the liability of infringement.

II. When could establish the ?willingness? of the infringement?

Like many other disputes, the ?willingness? is a subjective spiritual act, which in most time is difficult to prove. The market?s willingness of the infringement shall be judged from the appearance of its conduct.

It shall be first pointed out that, by Management Measures of Counter Renting for Business, its Article 8 says:

?In the business of counter renting, the lessor shall fulfill the following obligation:


(2) to supervise the lessee?s following on the rules and regulations of the business market, and to make prompt report any violation against laws & regulations and any conducts damaging the interests of the consumers to the relevant departments?

Hence, the market shall have the statutory obligation to supervise any possible infringement from the stores. Like in the lawsuit of Xiushui Street vs. Channel (Brief of the case: Channel found the illegal selling of its knockoffs in Xiushui Street stores, and then sent the lawyer?s letter to the managing office of Xiushui Street, and in the meantime made the notarization over the infringement. When latter found the continue of the infringement and nonfeasance of the Xiushui Street managing office, Channel then filed a lawsuits against them), the court judge the infringement liability and saying ?Xiushui Street Company, as the managing party of Beijing Xiushui Street Clothing Market, shall be responsible for any infringements found in the market against trademarks and thereby take proper action to cease and prevent that infringement?.

Under such situation, when there occur the omission of market?s duty fulfilling of the store?s infringement, we could determine the willingness of the market of the infringement, who shall thereafter take the joint liability of the infringement. In practices, the right owner chooses the lawyer?s letter to demand the action from the managing party to cease the infringement, and if no reply or action could be seen from the managing party, the court will judge the willingness of the market. Like in the case of Xiushui Street, the court judged the willingness of Xiushui Street market for the consideration of it has subjective intent, and therefore it shall take the infringement liability.

Besides, even the right owner has sent no lawyer?s letter, when the infringed trademark has adequate reputation in the market, and a big amount of the infringing products could be found selling the market, the court shall also have the right to determine the willingness of the market in aiding the infringement. (the specific argument shall be conducted in each case, and we do not extend the discussion here)

III. The way to escape the risk of infringement aiding of real estate lessor

It?s not difficult to conclude from the above discussion, the risk of infringement is not little for the market; especially those only have attention on economic gains, for they could not claim for the duty exemption by pretending no awareness of the infringement. For this, we suggest the market managing party to consider the following ways for a risk reduction.

1. Agreement in contract for no infringement against any third parties.

The agreement is namely the warning clauses as mentioned, and these shall be the minimum care obligation and the legal basis of the liability exemption of the market.

2. To demand the submission of IPR certificate from the market managing party

For the stores selling famous branded products, the managing party shall examine the right certificate or any equivalent papers from the stores, once the store could not or fails to show such documents, the managing party shall forbid the sales in the market. Once the managing party could exercise the rules strictly, in our opinions, it could generally lead to the liability exemption of the market even there?s the infringement from the stores, like the counterfeit of the documents.

3. To act promptly after the right holder?s lawyer?s letter or similar documents

In such a situation, the market shall promptly demand the provision of right papers from the stores, as well as the specification on the issues. When no reply could be provided or the store fails to reply in time, the managing party shall order the stop selling of the store, or report to the administrations. While when the store could provide a reasonable explanation of their sales, the market shall immediately notice the right owner, and demand the right owner to settle the problems on his own.

4. Remedy clauses in the leasing contract

The remedy has two main parts: one is to order the store compensate the losses thereby suffered by the market; the other is to make up the rent losses after the termination of the lease contract for the store?s violation against the warning clauses. These two clauses could remove stores? fear of infringement risk.

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For further information, please contact the lawyer as listed above or through the methods in our CONTACTS.

Bridge IP Law Commentary?s posts, including the comments and opinions contained herein, shall not be construed as the legal advice on any issues related. The contents are for general information purposes only. Anyone willing to quote or refer the posts to any other publications or for any other purposes, no matter there?s benefits gained or not, shall first get the written consent from Bridge IP Law Commentary and used under the discretion of us. As to the application of the reprint permission for any of our posts, please email us to the above addresses. The publication of this post or transmission of it through mail, internet or other methods does not constitute?an attorney-client relationship. The views set forth here are of due diligence, neutrality and impartiality, representing our own opinions only and are our original works.


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Concerned Father Creates Ingenious Product To Raise Money For ...

From Red Orbit?..

WOD Toys, LLC, a Seattle-based toy company, is announcing that it will soon begin mass production of its product line. WOD Toys is one of those unique companies based on an idea whose time has come. They manufacture toys designed to resemble actual work-out equipment that adults might use in the gym. On April 4th, 2012, they launched a limited line of Fitness toys for kids ages 3 and up. Today, they are gearing up for mass production of an extended line of toys which will encourage children to associate fun with fitness.

According the CDC, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last thirty years. This alarming fact was so disturbing to father, Ernest Haekel Ebio, that he came up with an ingenious way to get kids interested in staying fit and healthy. His toys are small-scale versions of famous gym equipment normally used in CrossFit? training, like the Olympic weightlifting barbell, medicine ball, Plyo Box, and kettlebell. The toys are not intended to be used as actual fitness equipment. Instead, they are focused on giving children a lightweight version of popular gym equipment that they can enjoy playing with during their parent?s work-out time.

This revolutionary concept has caught on so well that the toys have been featured on CNN Money, and Komo 4 news. Bloggers and product review websites are also buzzing with conversations about the effectiveness of the products. CEO, Ernest Haekel Ebio is reaching out to parents and supporters using Indiegogo, a crowd funding platform. He is seeking financial support in order to move into mass production of his products. Ebio would like to expand the product line as well. Though the cost of manufacturing children?s toys can be astronomical, he feels there are many parents and grandparents out there who believe that a healthy future for our kids is worth investing in.

To read the full story?..Click here

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