Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HR Coordinator ? Training & Development - ASTD Job Bank

The Human Resources Coordinator supports SGH?s corporate training and development programs. Working under the Director of HR in our corporate headquarters in Waltham, MA within a corporate HR team of eight, this position will help coordinate internal education programs.

SGH?s HR team includes two positions specializing in training and development. Together they coordinate technical and non-technical/business training programs for a consulting engineering firm. This position will focus on identifying needs and developing curriculum for non-technical/business training for all staff and communication of SGH?s philosophy on professional development and culture of learning.

The HR Coordinator will help identify and implement an education tracking system; will help manage a corporate education calendar, registrations, and materials; will work with groups responsible for training to help develop training modules and materials; and will coordinate training between offices. Additional responsibilities include supporting and working with SGH?s corporate education steering committee, assisting with lunch education programs in all offices, and working with other members of the corporate HR team on other projects and initiatives. SGH HR?s two training and development positions work together to align all technical and non-technical training, and to continuously develop our program in response to the SGH?s business needs and corporate strategies.

SGH has invested heavily in corporate training over the past few years, increasing budgets and resources to build our program. The successful candidate will be passionate about being a part of building on that exciting momentum and helping advance our program.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

Partner with the Director of HR, HR team, and corporate steering committee to assess company needs to drive training initiatives. Help identify gaps and recommend solutions. Measure effectiveness of training programs.

Work with subject matter experts or others responsible for training to develop business/non-technical training modules and materials using a variety of media.

Partner with the technical-training focused HR Coordinator to align all SGH training programs and maintain a corporate training calendar.

Review outside educational offerings to assess their relevance to SGH?s training needs.

Help develop programs and/or materials to develop and coach others giving training.

Assist in maintaining a corporate communication plan for messaging SGH?s philosophy and program, and reinforcing SGH?s culture of continuous learning.

Partner with the Director of Human Resources on training and development program for SGH supervisors.

Provide just-in-time solutions for managers or employees with specific needs.

Assist with other duties as requested by Director of Human Resources.


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