Friday, August 31, 2012

Microsoft and Xbox Live throw their support behind GaymerCon

Xbox Live GaymerCon

Microsoft released a video this week committing their support to GaymerCon, the first LGBT gaming convention.

As summer comes to a close, let us toast it hottest trend: Major corporations in the video game industry coming out in support of the LGBT community. Microsoft was the latest to throw its support behind gay and lesbian gamers on Thursday when it released a video announcing its support of GaymerCon, the world?s first LGBT tech and gaming convention.

As of this writing, GaymerCon is just about to complete its funding campaign on Kickstarter. It?s raised nearly $86,000, more than triple its initial goal of $25,000. The convention will be held in San Francisco, California in August 2013.

?It?s a great opportunity to bring people together, about a common cause and common background, and see what comes of it,? says Xbox Live Program Manager Nell.

Why do gay and lesbian gamers need their own convention and why is it great the Microsoft is supporting them through Xbox Live? Because gay and lesbian gamers have to deal with constant persecution from small-minded, cruel twits on Xbox Live. Calling someone a homo because you beat them in Halo makes you a bad person, Xbox Live users.

Microsoft joins Electronic Arts, who publicly spoke out again the Defense of Marriage Act in July.


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