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Cloud Hosting: The Future Of Website Hosting Is Here : Brain Share

What is cloud hosting? It is a form of web hosting that were once only used by the larger online companies like Google and Amazon to host their website, but now even small businesses are starting to make the move from traditional hosting services to cloud servers. Unlike a dedicated hosting plan where one client is given exclusive use of one server to host a website, in a cloud system, the load of hosting a website is spread across multiple servers that work together. This is the ?cloud.?

The biggest benefit of using a cloud hosting service is that it is more reliable and less prone to crashing than dedicated server hosting. Because the workload is divided across multiple servers, if one of them crashes, the website they host will not go down. Using cloud servers your website will rarely go down, unless you take it down for maintenance works.

Cloud servers can also provide your website with large bandwidth allocations. So even if your website unexpectedly gains a very large level of internet traffic, instead of slowing down and even crashing (which usually happens with dedicated servers), a cloud server system another server will just provide your website with the resources it needs to stay online and function as normal. This is great for small businesses because as they expand their website will be able to keep up with them.

Another great benefit of using cloud hosting is that the servers are not located on site. Companies no longer need to own and maintain their servers, this leaves their IT team with more time to devote to other pressing matters in the company. Not having hulking computer servers also mean that you will be saving a lot of floor area in your offices and the total electric consumption will also be considerably lowered as a result, and lowering your company?s carbon footprint as a result.

The main reason why most small companies have not switched over to cloud hosting is that they have issues with the price, but the truth is that the costs of this kind of hosting service has considerably fallen the past couple of months. There are also some hosting companies that will only charge according to the amount of resources that the website uses, which means great savings for companies who know how to manage their resources properly so that they can get all the benefits of using cloud servers without the premium price.

Cloud hosting is poised to take over the web hosting landscape in the next couple of years because it can benefit companies large and small websites alike. With the costs continually going down, more companies are starting to migrate their websites to the more reliable cloud servers. If you use cloud servers, you no longer have to worry about downtime so you can focus most of your attention and resources in the other important aspects of your business. If you want your company to expand, then start by transferring your website onto the ?cloud.?

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