Thursday, January 17, 2013

College sports and spending

Up. up, up. Unsurprisingly the SEC leads in spending per athlete, while scrimping on academic spending.



It's unsustainable. Those trends cannot continue," says former University of Arizona President Peter Likins, who headed a high-level NCAA panel that looked into financial and other athletic issues four years ago.

"The real important question for people to ask ? for alumni, for taxpayers and tuition-payers ? is: Where is the (additional) money coming from? If it's coming from the university while that university is firing people and reducing programs and diminishing services to the students it's intended to serve, that is worthy of protest."

All but about two dozen of the 120 athletics programs in the Bowl Subdivision are subsidized to some degree by their respective schools.

Would we want to emulate the SEC in an effort to close the gap in football?

Conference breakdown:

Frankly, I think their success is a function of warped priorities.

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