Friday, February 15, 2013

a new opinion in Sports about Reebok Easytone Reecomit

I am always trying to cram as much as possible into every day, and one thing I desperately lack time for is exercise. I spotted fitness shoes a good few years ago now, and I was immediately sucked in. After all, who doesn't like the idea of getting better results from the same effort?

I had a pair of easytone rush shoes which I wore so much I actually wore out the sole on them. I found them really funky looking, and quite a comfortable pair of shoes. I had paid quite a lot for them, so when I last needed some trainers nd I spotted these on JD sports website, I was swayed by the low price of about ?35 (now only ?30) as my last pair had been about ?65.

One thing that didn't appeal was I thought the black and white exterior. I feel it is a bit masculine, but not totally unwearable, so I got this pair and a much prettier pair of another type of reebok trainer.

I tend to stick to the reebok brand when buying trainers online as I know that the size I will get is true to my shoe size and the fit will be comfortable. This time I bought my usual size 7, but these trainers are a bit narrower than my other trainers from this brand, so they do sometimes feel a little tight.

The reebok version of the fitness brand involves the shoe having quite a thick sole to accomodate the balance balls that are located under the heel and at the ball of the foot. Walking on the shoes makes your posture change as you walk so you have to work harder at balancing, and this has a toning effect on the muscles of the legs and bottom.

I do believe that these shoes do have some impact on your shape if you wear them a lot which is why I am happy to pay for them, but this pair have not been quite as easy to get used to walking in. I can wear these on short trips out, but if I am planning on doing a lot of walking then I really cannot wear these as I have a weak knee from an injury many years ago. I find my knee starts to really ache and it can lead to me straining my knee if I am not careful. I find both knees get achey as I must then walk a bit funny on the other leg too to take a bit of strain off. I know my older trainers did this at first, but I don't recall it taking as long to get used to it and 'break' them in.

The upper part to these trainers is fabric. It is that meshy type of fabric over the top of the foot which is very breathable. I would prefer if this were a stronger fabric myself as I did find my toe ended up going through my last pair as it is not really strong enough for lots of walking. Because it is fabric, it is not waterproof at all, and I have sometimes got quite wet feet if I have been caught out in the rain while wearing these. I also find that if it cold my feet are absolutely freezing.

While my other pair of reeboks are super light on my feet these make me feel like my feet are quite heavy almost like am wearing proper shoes or boots rather than trainers.

These are not really going to get others drawing admiring glances, but they are quite discrete and don't leave me feeling self conscious that I am wearing fitness shoes instead of normal shoes. I just wish these ones were as comfortable as my previous pair of easytones so I could wear them more frequently and get the physical benefit of wearing them. ?30 is quite a bargain really for this type of shoe, so I will persevere. It's not totally uncomfortable, just needs a bit of getting used to.

Summary: Not as good as my last pair of easytones, but ok.


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