Sunday, February 10, 2013

Video: Alleged cop killer?s Facebook rant found

>> warning of these attacks. diana alvear is in los angeles with more on this story.

>> reporter: in the manifesto posted on dorner's facebook page, he details everything, from the reasons he believes he was terminated, to corruption in the police force , even shoutouts to celebrities. and he says, quote, you have awoken a sleeping giant . how did christopher jordan dorner, former police officer , navy veteran and college football player become the most wanted man in california? the manifesto that appeared on his facebook page with the heading last resort, the former lapd officer blames the department for his actions. i've lost everything because the lapd took my name and new i was innocent. he claims he was fired as retal retaliati retaliation, claiming an officer kicked this man while in custody.

>> it is not going to happen.

>> reporter: officers uttered racist remarks and laughed about grisly crime photos, all kept secret. the enemy combatants in l.a. are not the citizens and suspects. that's the police officers . he named several members of law enforcement calling them, quote, high value targets. i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours. police say he has already carried out that threat by murdering monica quan, daughter of former lapd captain randall quan, who represented dorner at the time. the attacks will stop when the department states the truth about my innocence, publicly, he writes. dorner also thanked several colleagues and friends for their support. among them a stunned melinda yates.

>> who i know of him is an amazing person, somebody that i would trust with my life. so, it just -- crazy.

>> reporter: justin gombo went to naval officer school with dorner.

>> very nice, positive, upbeat. he always had a smile on his face. you never heard him say a bad thing about anyone.

>> reporter: he peppers his rant with random statements. defending president obama from racist attacks and even complementing michelle obama 's hair but he always comes back to the lapd , demanding what he calls justice. unfortunately, i will not be alive to see my name cleared. that's what this is about, my name. a man is nothing without his name.

>> police say they've ordered protection detail for more than 40 people named in the manifesto, which is both chilling and surreal. beyond lapd and politics he declares his admiration for a lau laundry list of celebrities and public figures.

>> diana, thank you very much.


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