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Internet Marketing Start-Up Plan for Small Biz - Cibol Web Solutions

Small business owners should pay special attention to the benefits of Internet marketing like having your own website, search engine marketing (SEM), SEO, having an online store (e-commerce), local search and link popularity.

Lets look at the benefits of each platform then suggest how to get your feet wet in each of them.


Today having a website itself is very crucial for customers to not only take you seriously but also to get information of your business in quick time. To customers, websites are accessible 24/7, 365 even when you are asleep. Therefore, a website is a convenience that cannot be overlooked in your small business internet marketing plans.

To setup your own website, you will need to first obtain your domain name. Your domain name can either be your company name (i.e. or a name that reflects your business. Picking the right domain name is important and should be done carefully.

Next, you will need to find a website hosting service who will hopefully be reliable (including having a backup in case of emergency so your site?s presence is not interrupted). Next is designing your own site.

Web hosts often provide possibilities to design your own website, however those are more suitable for a private person. As a business owner you should consider buying website design software, or I recommend hiring a seasoned programmer who can do the work for you, i.e. outsource the work if you are not knowledgeable in programming or graphic design yourself.

Search Engine Marketing

One of the advantages of incorporating Search Engine Marketing into your marketing strategy is a better opportunity for higher return on investment.

In fact, the visibility and conversion of SEM initiatives such as search engine optimization (SEO) beat all other types of marketing.

In addition, organic (sometimes called natural) search results from SEO are held in high esteem by web visitors as being more credible than paid spots like banner ads. However, Pay Per Click ads such as the ?Sponsored Link? ads on Google (Google Adwords) are also a huge part of SEM.

To begin in SEM, you can start with onsite SEO that can be done solely in-house as SEO involves optimizing your website for target keywords your potential customers will be using to find your website.

The SEO process can involve updating content regularly (loved by search engines) via blog, tidying up your website code (HTML, Java Script, CSS) so the search engine agents (called spiders) catalog your content faster, and adding alternate HTML versions of your Flash pages (search engines don?t read Flash), to name a few techniques.

SEM and SEO are large topics and often difficult for normal small business owners to handle themselves. To contact a specialist in these areas is a good advice.


Next, you might want to add an online storefront to your website as two accessible components of your small business Internet marketing plan. This is more popularly known as e-commerce, and it will allow you to do business, including allowing customers to browse and buy products and services, regardless of time of day or geography (they could be in Alaska or Australia while you are in Florida). E-commerce is also a cheaper way of conducting business with no as much overhead or front-end personnel required.

E-commerce will be crucial in your small business Internet marketing. However, starting up involves a number of steps to be taken, such as setting up a shopping cart to store your products and services and carryout transactions, logistics and process payments. Many e-commerce systems and providers can though provide you with everything you need.

Local Search Marketing

Local Search Marketing gives you the unique opportunity to show up on top of Google, before the ?organic? (also called natural) results when people are searching for things with a local intent. Furthermore, you don?t even have to have your own website to show up on Google?s first page, it?s enough with your company name and contact details.

Local searches are becoming more and more popular and Google focuses a lot on this search method. Read more about Local Search Marketing at other places on this website.

Link Popularity

Meanwhile, link popularity reinforces strong SEM by creating further trust through credibility in your name brand. This will subsequently attract more qualified visitors for better chances in converting to a sale. As a result of link popularity, you will experience even more sites wanting to be associated with your site, creating a virtual community of sites built around your website.

Finally, your link popularity contributes to your visibility thanks to SEO and the quality inbound links search engines like Google prefer.

To get started working on your link popularity as part of your small business Internet marketing, do a thorough check of your website to make sure it is free from page errors and broken links.

Next, you will need to do some link building, getting inbound links from other websites who rank high on Google with content related to yours. This will contribute to your own rank going higher. Quality not quantity is the main proponent here.

From Search Engine Marketing to Link Popularity, small business Internet marketing offers opportunities to be visible to the customers looking for you while your website and e-commerce program will ensure they can make a sale or get enough information to push them to decide. All in all, small (local) businesses can go beyond their neighborhood to reach customers. In fact, they can even go global.

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