Friday, September 21, 2012

Quotations of the day

"When you express an attitude that half the country considers itself victims, that somehow they want to be dependent on government, my thinking is maybe you haven't gotten around a lot." ? President Barack Obama, who tried to cast Republican challenger Mitt Romney as out-of-touch for the White House during a rally in hotly contested Florida.


"Our hands are tied. Under our existing ad standards as modified by the injunction, the MTA is required to run the ad." ? Aaron Donovan, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman, after a blogger won a court order to post a provocative ad in New York City's subways that equates some Muslim radicals with savages.


"This case is not just a murder, it's an atrocity." ? Will County States Attorney James Glasgow, after jurors convicted a Chicago man of fatally shooting his wife and three children on a road trip.


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