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1. An inpatient who has stage 3 Alzheimer?s disease (moderate to moderately sever decline in cognition) has difficulty sequencing steps for self-care activities and is easily frustrated. ?The patient is preparing for discharge to live in the family home with adult children. ?Which information should the COTA contribute to this patient?s discharge planning process?

A. Recommendations for a home health aide to make daily visits to the family home

B. Strategies the patient?s family can use to cope with the patient?s functional decline

C. Techniques that can be used at home to ensure the patient independently completes self-care

D. Instructions to the family about medication requirements and daily dosage routines


2. An inpatient who is recovering from depression is preparing for discharge from an acute psychiatric facility to live at home alone. ?The patient recently retired from a religious profession. ?Which of the following is an effective client-centered approach to use with this patient?

A. Exploring a variety of potential vocational skills with the patient

B. Recommending the patient attend a support group after discharge

C. Encouraging the patient to attend church sponsored activities

D. ?Asking the patient open-ended questions about preferred leisure activities


3. In evaluating an adolescent with psychosocial problems, an OTR would be MOST likely to begin the process by screening the adolescent?s level of function in what areas?

A. Play and social behavior, overall development, and visual motor skills

B. Socialization, task performance, daily living skills, and time management

C. Interest in work, leisure, and self care

D. Motor skills, sensory processing and cognition


4. A COTA has been assigned to develop an expressive activity group for women who have experienced emotional and physical abuse. ?The BEST choice of activity would be:

A. Meditation and yoga exercises

B. Writing a soap opera

C. Personal hygiene and grooming classes

D. Aerobics and fitness program


5. ?A COTA is planning treatment for individuals with a variety of personality disorders who have inaccurate perceptions of others and unrealistic perceptions of themselves. ?The treatment method that might BEST address these problem areas is a:

A. Small group that provides a wide range of craft activities from which the members are encouraged to select

B. Session focused on understanding and changing the individuals?s way of relating with the COTA

C. Social skills training program completed in small groups

D. ?Cooperative group activity that both provides and elicits consistent accurate feedback about interactions within the group



1. B (Make sure you look back at the stages of Alzheimer?s)

2. D

3. B (look back at what is important in one?s life at the different life stages)

4. B

5. D


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