Thursday, October 11, 2012

Asia Singapore: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Staycation

I am not a fan of staycation in Singapore; paying a small fortune to an expensive Singapore hotel when the home is sitting empty 20 minutes away is not for a stingy person like me. But?in spite?of this, we have done staycation in Singapore for a couple of times in the past few years. When choosing the staycation hotel, I prefer small, boutique, resort like facilities which make me feel like I am outside Singapore. So the giant and crowded Marina Bay Sands Hotel almost?in the middle of Singapore's business district would not be my first choice but again woman rules.

We have booked a Deluxe room with a Queen size bed on 41st floor of Tower 1 which is overlooking the city. I recommend this side because the sea-view is quite tiring since the sea to the south of Singapore is heavily littered by commercial ships. I have heard very good reviews about the rooms in Marina Bay Sands but I was still not expecting a room with this much space. There is a very large area between the floor-to-ceiling glass window and the bed which makes it feel like you are in a large living room instead of a hotel room. It is really hard to find a large hotel room in Singapore.

The bed is very large and comfortable. The TV has a lot of movies. The bed is located right next to the wall towards the entrance to create a large space towards the window. But the?orientation?is not perfect: it is not aligned with the couch and you cannot watch it at all from the study table. Still, the space created in the room with these?misalignment is great.?The service was also great. We actually started our stay with a problem: our key cards did not open the door and the staff tried several ways to make it work which took a lot of time until one guy from Facilities recognized that the batteries of the door reader was flat. Still, you can feel that they are doing their best to fix it asap and it shows that they are well trained.

Marina Bay Sands website regularly publishes best offers as low as 339 SGD (275 USD) per night on selected days (well this is a 5 star luxury hotel). It is still wise to check other hotel booking sites like?Agoda. For example, although the usual best price is around 500 SGD (400 USD) but there was a relatively cheap room price for Marina Bay Sands Hotel?for 420 SGD (340 USD) for the day we have booked.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is busy. It is very busy. Its location, right next to Singapore Business District, makes it ideal for business?travelers with budget, which in my opinion made up 25-30% of the crowd during my stay (it was a weekday). But still, the majority was tourists for leisure. The main attraction of this hotel is the casino since it is a part of Singapore Marina Bay Sands Casino Complex (officially called Integrated Resort). And I think a significant number of them were here for gambling. Anyway, it is good for the business, these guys paid around $8 billion for this casino complex they need to have a huge profit to break even. But the crowd?makes Marina Bay Sands Hotel not a very good place for a staycation. Luckily, its second main attraction, the large Infinity Pool on the SkyPark saves the hotel as a relaxed holiday place. If you are a guess, you can access SkyPark and you can even bring 2 guests of yours in.

Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool, which is marketed as swimming on the top of the world, is really a?privileged?experience. You should both try it in the morning and in the evening. Since the hotel is crowded, so its infinity pool (and the sauna) so I strongly recommend you to go there when it is opened at 06 am. With almost all guests are sleeping, it is best experienced at this hour and the morning sunrise gives it a mystical atmosphere.

SkyPark on the 57th floor has a restaurant,?Sky on 57 which has an amazing view and a must try. You can simply take the lift up to the 57th floor from Tower 1, no access card is needed.

Overall, it is a great hotel with high standards. If your expectations are high, they will probably be satisfied. But it is crowded almost like a mass market hotel and its fantastic view towards the city constantly reminds you that you are still in Singapore. Great for a visitor to Singapore but for me as a resident here, one time staycation would be more than enough.


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