Saturday, October 13, 2012

Glance comparing EU to United States

BRUSSELS (AP) ? Here's how the European Union, which was given the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, and the United States compare:


EU: 504 million. U.S.: 313 million

?Area :

EU:4.3 million sq. kilometers (1.66 million sq. miles). U.S.: 9.8 million sq. kilometers (3.78 million sq. miles).

?Gross Domestic Product:

EU: $17.3 trillion. U.S.: $15.1 trillion.


EU: 10.5 percent. U.S.: 7.8 percent

?Exports goods and services :

EU to U.S.: ?387 billion ($501.94 billion). U.S. to EU: ?314 billion ($407.26 billion).

Associated Press


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