Thursday, November 8, 2012

and the truth will make you laugh

why I voted for Obama!


I do not like him, I like Romney better! but i voted for what I thought the country needs, a much *much* more robust socialist system!


two things.

one, me just seeing on tv a map of the usa showing the "blue and the red" states. i noted that the whole of the Northeast was blue.

Suddenly it "hit me", the northeast has the most people who are educated and urban. they also have no extended family, if they have a family the people are scattered all over the countryside. few friends either.

so who is going to help someone if the car breaks down, the apartment is flooded, bail you out of jail, take you to the doctor's?

no one.

thus the Government is now becoming our extended family! Someone must be there for us when things go bad!

Two....there is a senior here, in my Independent home, who has become totally blind. he comes down every day for eldercare lunches and this man needs Total Care for his lunch. he has only two relatives who live 150 miles away and both of the relatives, i just learned today, have health care issues with other people who are far far worse off than this blind guy. So until the long paperwork process is completed for Nursing home placement is done, i will give my whole hour of eldercare lunch volunteer help, to this Blind man. I have to come earlier as he wants to come early and he cannot see any clock to check the time, thus no weekly meeting with a friend at a cafe.

[we are supposed to be here for each other in need.]

to the critics who are against government intrusion into our lives, well...try a bad extended family from hell!! a bad family is far far worse than a bad government! a alcoholic brother who comes to sponge off you and disrupt, a mother in law from hell, and crack addict son who robs his own mother for drugs. Or maybe you have to quit your nice career to go back home to your tiny rural town and spend 5 to 20 years caring for your elderly mother! there *are* people who choose to do that.

I am for socialism almost to the level of old Soviet and with spirituality as the Core center of the government, even if this spirituality is " Baptist fundamentalism"!!

Thus as our circle of friends do not exist anymore due to our many many career moves and the scatterings of our few family members, our social support network has all but ceased. *Someone* has to be there for us and I guess this should now be our government!




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