Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Piling More Debt on Presbyterian Youth

As common sense dictates, an insurance company needs a good percentage of healthy people in order to do well. When healthy people pay into the plan but do not need to use it often, then the company makes money.

Overall, people who are older tend to have more health problems than those who are younger. As Americans, we are living longer, but not always healthier, lives. We need more medical attention for more years. For clergy, years of eating mayonnaise salads at the potluck, lethargic sermon prep, and drinking to alleviate stress mean that our bodies are not in super shape as we reach a certain age. We?re a bit better at our boundaries, but we?re still working over 50 hours a week.

TAGGED: Presbyterian Church USA

Source: http://www.realclearreligion.org/2012/11/05/piling_more_debt_on_presbyterian_youth_250864.html

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