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?Funds and scholarships are provided in limit. Therefore, students are encouraged to complete their applications early as? priority is given to earlier applications.

Many opportunities for grants for graduate study are available from public and private institutions. Information about these outside sources of funding may be available in a student's academic department. To assist you in identifying these external sources of financial assistance, we are providing the following information

Students are supposed to get scholarships and aids not only from their respective universities/college, but there are also some external sources for funds. The fund providers are:

General Graduate Fellowship Sources

Peterson's Grants for Graduate Study, 4th edition, 1995.

A Selected List of Fellowship and Other Support Opportunities for Advanced Education for United States Citizens and Foreign Nationals, 1993. Information listing a number of grant opportunities. Includes a list of the names (and addresses) of thirty-three publications. This information is no longer available in booklet format. Homepage address is: or EMail address: .

Chronicle Financial Aid Guide, 1996-97, Chronicle Guidance Publications, 1996.

Money for Graduate Students in the Humanities, 1996-98, 1st. ed., Schleicher, Gail A. & R. David Weber, Reference Service Press, 1996.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans 1996: A Guide to Education-Related Financial Aid Programs for Students and Professionals, 11th ed.,? Sandra, ed., Gale Research, 1995.

Fellowship Sources for Minorities

Dan Cassidy's Worldwide Graduate Scholarship Directory, 5th Ed., Cassidy, Dan, Career Press, 1995.

The Graduate School Funding Handbook, Hamel, April Vahle, University of Philadelphia Press, 1994.

Directory of Financial Aids for Minorities, Schlachter, Gail Ann, Redwood City, California: Reference Service Press, 1997.

The Black Student's Guide to Scholarships: 600+ Private Money Sources for Black and Minority Students, 4th ed., Madison Books, Lanham, MD, 1996.

Fellowship Sources for Women

Directory of Financial Aids for Women, 1991-92, Schlachter, Gail Ann, 1991, published by Reference Service Press, Redwood City, California.

The Higher Education Money book for Women and Minorities, Bruce- Young, Doris Marie, Young Enterprises, Washington, DC, 1997.

Additional Opportunities

Award for Graduate Students who obtain External Support:? This program provides supplemental research funds for individual students who are successful in obtaining fellowship support for a research project in excess of $6,000 per year from an external agency. Awards are made in the amount of $1,000 for the student and $1,000 to his/her advisor. Appointment to an institutional training grant or the granting of an academic scholarship does not qualify a student for this support program. Money is to be used for research support purposes only.

Requests should be in memo format and addressed to Gloria Heppner, Associate Vice President for Research. Memos should include a brief description of the research project, projected budget, and advisor's name. Please include a copy of the award verification with the request and deliver to to 4032 F/AB or fax to 577-3626.

Spin Searches: SPIN WWW is the World Wide Web version of the Sponsored Programs Information Network database and is currently available to WSU researchers connected to the University network. SPIN WWW contains thousands of federally and non-federally funded research opportunities. The listings are current and include funding opportunities for graduate student research and fellowship information. Instructions for accessing this service and other assistance are available from Vance Brice land in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at


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