Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A buyer's guide to chain of title searches | The Niche Report


Many commercial buyers look at the housing market as somewhere to invest in because of how volatile the stock market is. The housing market has plenty of stunning residential homes for different markets in picturesque places like New England and popular condominiums in Florida.

The housing market has become a prime opportunity for buyers in residential real estate as a way to park their cash and find value in property investment. Buyers who are serious about investing in real estate should consider chain of title searches as their first port of call.

Use our detailed guide on how to use chain of title searches if you are a buyer looking for a new home to purchase. Their advantages include:

  • Acts as a verification tool: Buyers can reap benefits from chain of title searches because it verifies that the property belongs to the seller. This lessens any dangers of being scammed into buying a home that is not owned by the person who is selling.
  • Checks ownership history: Buyers want to know who owns the real estate that they are interested in buying. If the property has a heritage or historical importance to it, it is especially attractive to buyers because it will hold its value. Using chain of title searches to check the identity of owners makes it easier to buy a property where you have a 360 degree understanding of who owned it before.
  • Selling reasons become transparent: As a buyer, knowing why the current owner wants to sell the property makes it easier to understand what the investment opportunities are about. Whether the reasons are personal or purely investment based, it?s important to understand why someone wants to sell. Transparency is achieved when you know why the current owner wants to sell and this makes it more attractive for you to consider purchasing.
  • The search is an insurance policy: The last thing buyers want to have is nothing to protect themselves against if they purchase the wrong property. Chain of title searches are detailed enough to give you all the information that you need to have it as an insurance policy in case you come across properties that you are interested in purchasing but you are unsure about. The environmental standing of a home that you are interested in purchasing for your family makes title searches even more important; your family members must be safe in the one place that they want to be ? at home. Title searches can uncover any potential environmental hazards that the home has or they can show the benefits that the property has to the environment.

As a buyer, you need to have a list of priorities when widening margins on a purchasing deal. Choosing the right property is crucial to have a smooth experience as a real estate buyer. To achieve this, ensure that you use chain of title searches to have all the details about the property you want to buy.?

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