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Maintenance Tasks to Better Upkeep Your House in Denver ...

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If you are ready to list your home for sale you want to make sure it is in top condition.?Spending a little time on regular maintenance will help ensure it is one of the best homes for sale in Denver.

There are several?regular maintenance tasks that you should undertake before winter hits, including:

Reversing ceiling fans
Check to see if your ceiling fans have a reverse mode. Simply switching the direction of the fan?s blades will produce an updraft and will push heat down from a room?s ceiling.

Turning off and covering exterior faucets
Make sure that each exterior faucet is turned off.?You should also invest a few dollars in faucet covers that provide insulation from cold winter winds and snow.

Cleaning gutters
Choose a clear, dry day to inspect and clean out your home?s gutters.?Clogged gutters may back up with water and can damage your home?s siding, trim, and roof.

Inspecting the roof
While you are on the ladder cleaning out your gutters it is also a good idea to take a look at the roof.?Use binoculars to inspect for loose or damaged shingles and replace and repair any areas in need of attention.

If you would like additional information on homes for sale in Denver contact the real estate experts with Preferred Properties.?We are committed to the real estate needs of the Denver area and the residents that call it home.

Source: http://blog.preferreddenver.com/real-estate-news/maintenance-tasks-to-better-upkeep-your-house-in-denver/

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