Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Christopherson Business Travel has created a powerful collection of corporate travel management software to provide specific solutions to a wide array of client challenges and to most importantly, generate considerable cost savings for your business.

Through our integrated travel technology platform, AirPortal?, both travel managers and travelers alike are able to manage all their business travel needs with one simple login. Quite simply, AirPortal opens the door to Christopherson?s valuable proprietary technology, essential benchmarking and reporting tools, online booking tools, and mobile applications.

Within AirPortal, users are provided with fully-customized, intelligent dashboards which offer simple and convenient access to any combination of Christopherson?s technology tools. For instance, with My Travel, AirPortal?s traveler dashboard, every one of your company?s road warriors has instant access to itineraries, flight options, mobile syncing, and more. With the travel manager dashboard, AirPortal 360?, your company?s travel manager has all the tools they need to manage travel spend, travel policy, traveler security, unused tickets, and traveler profiles.

Another unique and valuable feature exclusive to AirPortal is that it directly maps to the structure of individual companies. This means travel managers can oversee travel for their entire company, or that responsibility can be distributed accordingly based on the business structure. It also means you have the ability to manage and report company-wide travel spend or by department or division.

AirPortal?s Intelligent Dashboards

  • AirPortal 360: provides travel managers with a 360 degree view of your company?s entire travel program
  • My Travel: provides travelers with the tools necessary to manage their personal travel

Christopherson?s Proprietary Technology Tools

  • SecurityLogic?: global security & duty of care
  • PolicyLogic?: travel policy design & enforcement
  • DataLogic?: travel management reporting
  • Airtineraries?: intelligent travel itineraries
  • AirBank?: unused ticket management
  • Car & Hotel ReCheck?: rate monitoring
  • ValueLogic?: TMC performance analytics
  • HotelPrepayLogic?: secure prepaid hotels

Additional Integrated Technologies

  • TravelGPA: performance benchmarking software
  • TripIt Pro: real-time itinerary monitoring and point tracking
  • iBank: travel spend reporting

*To learn more about AirPortal and other valuable resources Christopherson provides to save you time and money on business travel, please contact one of our representatives.


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