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Knight Crier : The North Penn Family Tree: Teachers and Their Kids ...

Security guard Dick Beck with children Colby Beck, Megan Lawn, and Connor Lawn

Photo Credit: Jewel Rama

The Beck/Lawn family pose for a holiday photo.

Jewel Rama, Staff Writer
December 17, 2012
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TOWAMENCIN- How would you feel if your parent worked at North Penn? Would you be excited or would daily life at school feel miserable? Would you receive special treatment or be held to a higher standard by all the other teachers? That sounds like it wouldn?t be something you would want right? Take a brief pause: look past all the potential ?negatives? and try to look at the advantages; you might be surprised to find out that it may not be as bad as it seems.

Although it might not be well known, there are many teachers in North Penn whose children attend this school, and many of them have positive outlooks on the proximity between themselves and their children- all in one school.

The list of faculty includes: Dick Beck- Security Officer; Bonnie Berry- Special Ed Assistant; Jane Brady- Special Ed Assistant; Lisa Buccafuri- Nutrition Services Assistant; Dorothy Ruch- Social Studies Teacher; Denise Burlingame- Special Ed Assistant; Melanie Cassar- FCS Teacher; Keith Clauss- Health & Phys Ed Teacher; Michael Fergus- Health & Phys Ed Teacher; Brenda Flannery- Special Ed Assistant; Sally Kauffman- Nurse; Judith Lassen-Hoffman- Business Ed Teacher; Sadie McDonald- Custodian; Margrit Marino- Mathematics Teacher; Judith McGuriman- Guidance Counselor; Kimberly Milliorn- Special Ed Assistant; Janet Millonig,-Special Ed Assistant; Kathleen Noce- FCS Teacher; Lisa Tyree- Special Ed Assistant; William Walters- Nutrition Services Assistant; Christopher Young- Physics Teacher.

As the era of technology advances, it is becoming more and more a hindrance between parents and children. Many parents? relationships with their children take an unfortunate hiatus and the connection has been severed as they find it very difficult to learn what is going on in the daily affairs of today?s teenagers.

So what happens if the parent happens to be a teacher in the same school building? Does that inside scoop help or hinder their relationship? We took time to ask a few of our very own students and teachers here at North Penn.

Mrs. Margrit Marino: ?We get to spend more time together, I see her in the hallways as well as lunch and I get to know her friends better. An advantage is I know her teachers and they know me, there are no disadvantages, we get a long very well so it?s easy. She doesn?t abuse it or ask me for passes or anything like that, she just comes in says hi and leaves.?

Katie Marino: There aren?t really any cons! It?s so nice having her there because I always have somewhere to go when I need help or someone to talk to! She?s easy to get along with so that makes things easier. Also I like seeing her in school because I would miss her if I didn?t get to see her until after school. I have her as a teacher this year too! I really like having her as a teacher but the only bad part is if I don?t do my homework both my teacher and my mom know.

Teacher Margrit Marino and daughter Katie Marino

Tyler Clauss: It?s good and bad to be honest. He keeps me up to date with my work; he definitely keeps me on track. However, the bad part is if I do something wrong, he knows about it, If I get in trouble he knows about it, and if I try to skip or miss something he knows about it.

Mr. Keith ?Clauss: ?If anything it has made our relationship stronger, we get to spend more time together. He says hi to me in the hallways so I don?t think he minds it. An advantage is I get to hear just about everything that he does or happens to him, but the disadvantage is I get to hear everything he does,? he joked.

Teacher Keith Clauss and son Tyler Clauss

Michelle Lassen:??It?s really helpful because she knows the ins and outs of the school. She can help me with a lot of things. It has made our relationship stronger because we get to see each other every single day!?

Mrs. Judy Hoffman: ?If [our relationship] was affected it has been for the better, I get to see her more often than I would if I were working somewhere else. I am able to know who her friends are and get involved in her culture as well as some of the activities she?s involved with. I can make sure she?s meeting her deadlines, because I have the inside track, and I am able to check the morning announcements, and talk to her coaches and teachers. It?s great for the both of us.?

Teacher Judith Lassen-Hoffman with daughter Michelle Lassen

Alex Noce:??It?s good, I get a ride in the morning, and she can help me if I need help with anything. It enables us to spend more time together every morning and sometimes in the afternoon.?

Mrs. Kathy Noce:??I don?t see him often because he doesn?t take any of my classes but it?s good for him incase he needs anything last minute, or missed the bus going home, I can always be there to give him a ride. It doesn?t bother him because we?re such a big school that me being in the same building doesn?t have an effect on him.?

Teacher ?Kathleen Noce and son Alex Noce

Connor Lawn: ?Now I?m used to it, but it used to be awkward when I was a sophomore because it was my first year in a huge school. But it always gives me that little voice in the back of your head saying you can?t be late or get in trouble or do something stupid, because he?s here in the building and the teachers easily have access to him. He knows everything I do, where I am at all times or where I?m supposed to be at all times.?

Colby Beck:??It?s good when I need him for something, like if I forget something I need. If I have bad grades or do something either way he will find out, or all the teachers especially keep an eye on me.?

Megan Lawn: ?It?s normal to me, we talk when I see him, if I ever forget anything he can easily bring it to me. He gets to know who I?m with a lot of the time, make sure I?m hanging out with the right crowd; he knows all of my friends.?

Mr. Dick Beck: ?Our relationship hasn?t been affected by it at all. It has its advantages, I can give them rides, their teachers can also be easily contacted as well contact me if there is an issue.?

Security guard Dick Beck with children Colby Beck, Megan Lawn, and Connor Lawn

Hannah Young: ?I think it?s a lot of fun having my dad in the building, especially because I get to have him as a teacher and work with him in class cabinet as well it gives us a lot more to talk about and strengthens our relationship. There?s no disadvantages really except if I get in trouble or get bad grades he knows immediately.?

Mr. Chris Young: ?[As well as being her dad] I?m also her teacher for a class so, not only will she get a zero on her homework but she will get grounded also. I think it?s very convenient as well as helpful for the both of us.?

Teacher Christopher Young and daughter Hannah Young


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