Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tales from the Spanish announce table

?It?s like a magnet," WWE?s Spanish play-by-play commentator Carlos Cabrera said when WWE Classics called him up to discuss his oft-destroyed announce table. ?For whatever reason, the guys have a preference for it."

The longtime broadcaster may have seemed somewhat amused by our line of questioning on the unfortunate history of his place of business, but he also sounded battle weary and skittish like a man who had spent too long in the trenches. That?s unsurprising considering the fact that it?s been nearly two decades since the first WWE Superstar landed in Carlos?s lap while he was trying to a call an event. Since then, the announcer has had to contend with falling maniacs, busted equipment and more splinters than a carpenter?s apprentice. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

But of the countless crashes through Cabrera?s Spanish announce table, which were the most memorable? The broadcaster hasn't forgotten the falls that maimed him and the landings that horrified him. So join us as we listen in on some terrifying tales from the Spanish announce table.

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Source: http://www.wwe.com/classics/tales-from-the-spanish-announce-table

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